As a part of my Fluid Mechanics Term Project, I designed and built a hot wire anemometer that relies on the temperature effect on resistance and the cooling rate of the filament as a function of flow speed. The constant current requirement was met by a voltage regulator functioning in constant-current mode.

Tungsten probe built for the HWA
strcpy(time, RTC_getTime());
for(i=0; i<10; i++) dataString[i] = date[i];
dataString[i++] = ',';

for(j=0;j<8; j++)  dataString[i++] = time[j];
dataString[i++] = ',';

//To run once (only one filament + voltage sensor, for 1D flows)
for(channel=1; channel<2; channel++)
	dataString[i++] = ',';
	display(5*readVoltage(channel), 2);
	for(j=0;j<7; j++)  dataString[i++] = voltage[j];


dataString[i++] = '\r';
dataString[i] = '\n';


The project used an I2C tinyRTC module to get the current time and save the data to a MicroSD card.

Guide: Prof. A. Bandopadhyay



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